Reimagining What is Possible in After Death Care

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It is possible to care for one’s own dead, as a family and community. This is our innate right, and a sacred and healing act of love.

It is legally possible to create after-death vigils and keep a loved one’s body at home for up to 3 days. Some states require the assistance of a funeral director; most do not.

Your final act can protect the earth and the environment if you choose more natural and sustainable after-death options, such as green burials and carbon-offset cremations.


I am a Certified Home Funeral Consultant and Guide, and a Licensed Funeral Director in Washington State.  I work for A Sacred Moment, Inc. (a woman-owned funeral service that is one of the first in the nation to offer home funerals and green burials as a central vision). I also have my own consulting business, Limina LLC, where I help others imagine and put in place their “ideal”after-death plans, so that their own transitions are supported, and family and friends left behind have a better chance of saying good-bye in natural and healing ways.

I am an ordained minister and celebrant, and received my Masters in Inter-faith Spiritual Direction from  David Spangler’s Lorian Center for Incarnational Spirituality.  I trained as an AnthroposophicalWaldorf Kindergarten teacher as well,  and for twenty years helped children, families and communities “Live a Spiritual Year,” celebrating festivals together through the seasons. I am a student of both Western and Eastern spiritual traditions (Anthroposophy, Dzog Chen and Tibetan Buddhism, Celtic Faery Faith/Ceile De and Incarnational Spirituality) and I have forged my own authentic path from such immersion.

I take joy in helping others develop authentic spiritual practices and ceremony – in life and in death – ones that express individual and collective creativity, sacredness, connection and wholeness. (See individual tabs on menu above this page for a more detailed description of my offerings).