Celebrant Work/Weddings

Life Celebrations, Funerals and Memorial Services

When someone dies, you want to be able to create a funeral, memorial service or life celebration that captures the unique beauty and gifts of who that person was.  If you are part of a faith congregation, you can depend on your pastor, community and church to hold and guide you in this endeavor.  There are many people today, however, who do not have this kind of community and support. When a loved one dies, they often need someone who can help them create a special and memorable ceremony – one that celebrates the person’s life, and helps family and friends grieve, share memories and say good-bye.

As a celebrant and ordained minister, I have helped create and hold many funeral, memorial and life celebrations.  Even if I do not know your loved one,  I will spend time with family and friends, listen to stories shared, and help craft a ceremony that truly reflects your loved one’s spirit and life.


Lucinda-weddingsI have helped couples prepare and create their own wedding ceremonies for over twenty years, and it is one of the greatest joys of my work with others.  It is so fun to listen deeply to what two people feel and believe about their marriage, and to help craft ceremony and ritual that captures their hearts’ wishes and intentions in real and authentic ways.  I have performed every kind of wedding ceremony possible – from very traditional to the most unusual circumstances imaginable.   I can also support couples who may need support and counseling as they prepare for the threshold of marriage together.